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Online Gambling - Let it Ride Poker

Let It Ride Poker is easy, fun and when you win a hand, you win big! Let it Ride Poker was originally developed to appeal to slot players, and the game play is very easy, fast and fun - kinda like fast food. Let it Ride Poker was the first Poker game I tried online, and I find that it's still on my list of favorites.

The object is to put together a poker hand consisting of a pair of tens or better using your 3 card hand plus the two card Community Hand(the dealer's hand). Anyone familiar with Video Poker should have no trouble learning the basic strategy of Let It Ride.

Let it Ride Game Play:

• The game is played with a standard 52 card deck, each player has three betting circles.
• You first place three bets or equal amounts, one for each circle, of equal amounts, then you will be dealt three cards. The game software will automatically put your bet on all three.
• If you don't like the cards you're dealt, you may take back the bet in the first circle, which leaves only two live bets at risk.
• The dealer draws one card for the community hand, which you use in combination with the three cards you already have to make your poker hand.
• If you don't like your three cards plus the community card, you may take back your bet from circle 2, leaving only one bet at risk.
• The dealer then draws the second community card.
• Any player that can make a poker hand consisting of a pair of tens or better wins the pot.
• If you don't end up with a pair of tens or better you lose all bets still on the table.

An alternative method, played at RTG Casinos, is you make one bet, then choose whether or not to raise it, as the community hand is revealed.

Let it Ride Poker is really that easy. It puts you in control of the betting, based on the cards you can see.

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How to Win at Let it Ride Poker

Although Let it Ride players will lose most hands, the winning hands hit bigger jackpots, so it pays to be patient. As in most Casino games, the longer you play, the more likely it is you will lose, so don't spend too much time or money - set a budget before entering the game. On the other hand, it is easy and stress free to play, played at a quick yet relaxing pace and is a perfect game for slot players to make the transition to the Table Games.

You should let it ride (keep all your bets in), only if you are dealt:

1. A pair of 10"s or better
2. A set (three of a kind)
3. Three to a flush
4. Three to a Royal flush
5. Three to a straight flush

After the first of the dealer cards is revealed, you should continue to let it ride only if your hand remains pure, that is you still have either a:

1. Pair of 10"s or better
2. A set (three of a kind) or better
3. The 4th card to a straight or a flush.


Remember that when playing at some casinos, the betting works differently. At some online casinos, you do not pull back a bet as each card is revealed: You add a bet if your cards are favourable.

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