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Basic or Straight slots are the most popular form of slot machines today. This is because they are the most straight forward to interpret if you win, the jackpot is always constant and they feature more small winning combinations. The advantage of more small winnings is that it can keep you playing the slot machine longer with the same amount of money that you start off with, than if you were to play that money on a progressive jackpot machine. (Where you would have to bet the max so you have the chance at the progressive, and they don't have that many small winnings).

How Slots Work

Slots Machines have a RNG, Random Number Generater. The RNG is constantly selecting random numbers, everyone of these numbers corresponds with a symbol. Since the RNG is constantly selecting random numbers, even when no one is playing the machine it means that it can even generate the winning numbers for the jackpot. So the jackpot could be "won" with out us ever knowing.

The RNG doesn't remember what numbers were picked before. If you were to sit down and win the jackpot, it doesn't mean that the jackpot won't be hit again for so many bets. You could possibly win the jackpot twice on the same machine on the same day, but what are the chances?

How Progressive Jackpot Slots Work

In the casinos the progressive jackpots slots would be somewhat linked together, in that a certain percentage of every bet placed on the machine will go towards the progressive jackpot. They don't even have to be in the same casino for this to hapen. This is how the progressive jackpots get so large. This also means that one progressive slot machine might not pick the winning combination.

Tight Slots VS. Loose Slots

Loose Slot machines are the slots that have a greater payout percentage. They have a higher payout percentage because they offer more small winnings. So the loose slot machine will have 3 symbols paying out a win of a couple of coins. (for ex. 3 cherries). If the slot machine were to have a couple of lemons (or a non paying symbol) replacing a cherry, it would be a tight slot machine.

Simple Slots Strategy

1 - After any jackpot, try three more pulls on the slot machine before moving on. 2 - Always research the slot machine that you are playing, and look for the LOOSE slots. 3 - When playing Progressive Slots always bet the maximum (what is the point if you can't win the progressive jackpot) 4 - Look for SINGLE PAYOUT LINE slots- your money will last longer. 5 - Look for 2 COIN, NON-PROGRESSIVE slots. The 3 coin slot machines only look like they have better winnings, when in fact when you win the winning ratio to your bet is approximately the same.

Cost per hour of playing Slots

Nickel $30 $60 $90    

So as you can see with the Quarter slot machine you will have an extra $150 to play with and 300 more spins than if you were to play the $1.00 slot machine. This brings us to Wager Management. You never want to staty too long at one slot machine, so after 3-5 pulls at one slot machine with no winnings you should move on to the next slot machine. Also, you will want to be a hit and run winner. After you win just try around 3 more spins and then move on to the next slot machine.

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